I’ve been wondering 

Actually I’ve been wondering what you all have been wondering.  As in, I am wondering if there are folks out there who would be interested in some kind of an “adult study/discussion group”.  Cuz.. it turns out your new pastor loves doing teaching stuff and would be happy to accommodate such a possibility.

 Over the years I have held studies that are general (ie Bible For Dummies), specific (ie a single Biblical book - John, Mark, Genesis), a Theological “stuff” discussion (about Jesus, Communion, The Church, Luther/Lutheranism), an issue related discussion, or even a “Where is the church going..” type of get together.  A book study - fiction OR theological - can also be interesting.

 It can actually be kind of fun to peel back the layers on some of the stuff about Church, what we do, and our faith.  It can also be kind of challenging and empowering to dig a bit deeper than a pastor is able to in “just” a sermon on a Sunday.  So too.. something as core to us as God and our sense of calling do deserve at least the occasional bit of intention and examination.

 In the coming weeks I will have a SIGN UP SHEET available for you to share whether or not you are interested and what kind of a study you might be interested in undertaking.  The plan would be that we would try to find a time that works for as many people interested as possible.  On average.. the classes I offer usually have 4-6 sessions (1-1 ½ hour).  Depending on the class we decide to have.. the style is usually a kind of give & take (lecture & discussion).

If you ARE interested.. track down the sign up sheet.. share your thoughts.. and/or chat me up after worship.  I would hope to start sometime in February.

Happy New Year…

Pastor Stewart