Attention Parents & Kids!!!

This is just a quick update on what we are thinking about for Sunday School this coming year.  Reports are that last year (while the material & leaders were good) there weren’t always that many young people able to or interested in making time for this program.  In truth, records indicate that only a few families participated with any regularity at all.

In contrast.. through the year there were a few special occasions when a more intentional effort was made to invite the young folks to come out for more unique days/programs – ie the Christmas program, the music days, and especially the “art day”.  These were considerably better attended.

The thought is that in the coming year rather than schedule an “every-Sunday” program (in which only a few participate) we would set aside a series of “designated” Sundays on which we would arrange for slightly more special programs – like those from last year and others.  The hope would also be to make a more concerted effort to very intentionally invite our Sunday School families to plan for those Sundays.  Thus by having fewer but more interesting/intentional programs we might get a better & broader participation.

In addition to this, we will continue to make sure that our young ones are involved and included in our Sunday Morning services as they have been (Via “the bucket”, rhythm instruments & kid’s table).

As we move toward the fall we would really appreciate any comments or concerns you may have about this plan.  Would this be disappointing for your family not to have a more regular Sunday school class?  Would this work better for your family??  Do you have any cool suggestions that we could incorporate into a plan like this???    

Please feel free to contact Pastor Stewart or Marilyn Leier.


-          Pastor Stewart August 2018 & Marilyn Leier (Council rep)