Dear friends… as your new Pastor I will need your help (in many things).  Most specifically for now (for sure) I will need your help keeping me up to date on who might need a more personal contact with “the pastor”.  By way of a disclaimer… with all the changes in health care/spiritual care at our hospitals it is all but impossible for me to find you in the hospital if you do not tell me that you or someone you care about is there.  Likewise, not yet knowing you or the unfolding stories of your lives yet, I am not likely to catch the subtleties of a special need you might have.

PLEASE DO NOT EVER HESITATE TO GIVE ME A CALL and let me know that you or someone you know could use a prayer or a visit.  I am here if you need me

- Pastor Stewart (306-535-5052)  Call anytime!!!  *****Please note that Pastor Stewart’s phone # has changed*****