Refugee Ministry Update -Part One 

Bread of Life has participated off and on over our history with ministry to refugees. Most recently, in 2016 we partnered with the Government of Canada to sponsor a family of three from Eritrea, a continuing global hotspot.  We are blessed with a great opportunity to serve refugees through our partnership with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR). CLWR began its work in the post-WWII world, helping refugees from that war settle in Canada; these folks still tell their stories in our churches. Today, in addition to development and relief work, CLWR is entrusted by the Government of Canada to provide competent sponsorship for global refugees through congregations such as Bread of Life. 

Of course, sponsorship requires finances and people on the ground ready to help settle these newcomers. Today, Bread of Life has chosen to partner with others so that we can more fully participate in this ministry.  We have three partners currently who are providing most, if not all, financial and settlement resources — Bread of Life provides prayers, goodwill, and the practical conduit for sponsorship through CLWR. The next three will provide updates on each of these files.

Pastor Larry Fry