My name is Joanne McLeod, and besides being a very happy and proud ‘Nana’ to Caitlyn (age7) and Cara (age 3), I have been blessed to be a member of BOL for almost four years (and now entering my third year serving on Council).

Since moving to Regina in 1986 to complete medical training as a Family Physician, I have been happy to call this home, including being blessed with a wonderful family. Although my family has suffered and still grieves the loss of my beautiful partner and soulmate, Carolyn, in 2009 due to cancer, she has left a legacy as a gifted mom to my two sons, Iain and Aidan, and her two daughters, Catherine (mother to Caitlyn and Cara) and Michelle. Through this loss though we have been drawn closer as a family, and I am very grateful they all live nearby.

In addition to being a busy Hospitalist physician at the Pasqua Hospital, my other personal interests, besides devoting time to family, include: reading (especially nonfiction and memoirs), writing (short stories and essays about life), camping and spending time in the beautiful outdoors, amateur photography (especially scenic and nature photos), and enhancing my creativity with cross stitch projects. The people of BOL and their welcoming nature were what drew me to start attending here later in 2015, and I have been blessed to call this my ‘spiritual’ home and family.