This week we will be blessed to have our Sunday School gang assisting/leading us in worship.  And of course, nothing could be more appropriate for the season.  It is at this time of the year that I think I miss being “a kid” the most.  Cuz for sure.. I miss being able to get that excited about anything (grumpy old cynics that most of us “adults” let ourselves become).  To watch the utterly unbridled excitement glint in our little people’s eyes as one by one the decorations go up & presents get stashed beneath the tree is one of my true joys of the season (sadly my young adult niece & nephew are a bit “over that” these days).

                At the core, of course, there should be a part of each and everyone one of us that could be feeling the same way.  Not so much about getting another pair of socks or even another cool do-dad but because this truly & still is to be the season of hope: hope for a new sense of direction through the chaos… hope for a renewed sense of peace amid the personal & international warring that presses in so close these days.. hope for a new sense of God coming in to each of our lives with the gift of Christmas grace we are ALL longing for.

                So this Sunday let’s let the “children lead us”.. lead us again through the story… lead us again back to that childhood sense of wonder too many of us have lost.  And may that wonder & anticipation fuel us all to celebrate even more what is about to come.

                Pastor Stewart