When Dreams Converge – the rest of the story...

When Dreams Converge – the rest of the story...

If you read July’s Bread Crumbs episode, this is a follow up article regarding our new Ukrainian friends.

The Ukrainian family Anton, Anna their daughter Veronica and Anton’s mother Ludmilla were able to move into their own rental house in Regina only three weeks after arrival! They are very appreciative of all assistance they received. They do want to be independent and as a family group they are very organized and cohesive. The baby boy expected in mid September arrived August 14th! Earlier than planned but at 7lbs 2oz he is doing well as is his mother, Anna. Big sister Veronica is so excited and grandmother Ludmilla is overjoyed. Dad, Anton, is very happy he has a good job and can provide for his family in this new peaceful country.

They named the baby David, same in Russian as in English they say. They chose a very good name because August 14th is also Pastor David Kaiser’s birthday as well!

Now for another chapter of the story;

Meanwhile our daughter had begun communication with another couple from Kyiv. They were looking for a host family as they, with others were recipients of Canadian anonymous air mile flights. Our daughter and her husband were unable to host this time due to work and school commitments. We were happy to host Denis and Elena (Helen). We were expecting them in September, but received an email August 6th that they had left and were to arrive in Regina on August 10th. We are both retired, so we have lots of time to drive them to all their initial appointments such as banking, SIN registration, health care application, medical assessments, job fairs and so on.

Denis worked as a tv cameraman in Ukraine and his English is quite good. Elena has a degree in journalism from Kyiv University, unfortunately her English is very poor. In the two weeks they have been with us she is much improved. Their resumes are both impressive. They have no children and admit they are bit old for a restart in a new life and career path. They express that for their future they must start over in Canada because Ukraine is often troubled. They have a fully furnished apartment in Kyiv, they left all that behind and are not even sure if the place is still intact.

Elena has been using her journalism contacts and experience to help families reunite. She helps many types of cases. Some are tragic life situations and some are situations caused by the war. Last week she was helping a grandmother find her sixteen-year-old granddaughter. The white slave market is, of course, a horrible threat in such situations.

We have found them to be delightful houseguests and very helpful. They pitch right in with any chore around here and are very appreciative of all we do for them. They often say or indicate we should sit and rest awhile, they will do it because they are young and strong (ie laundry, haul in groceries, housework or work in the garden). We have been treated to some very delicious new foods too.

They are both looking for work in a variety of fields but the options are limited. Unfortunately, many jobs are in the fast-food service industry and not good long-term career type positions. They would like very much to stay in Regina.

So, it is small step by step and day by day. Who knew we would be breaking bread and making new friends with wonderful people from 8,000 miles away! Well, I guess God knew....

Submitted by Kathleen Schwentke

September 1, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church