Message from Pastor Stewart - All Saints Sunday

For all the saints who from their labours rest, who thee by faith before the world confessed, thy name, o Jesus, be forever blest. Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Few things are as precious to us as is our faith.. the faith passed on to us by grandparents & parents.. from friend to friend.. neighbour to neighbour. Oh sure.. our commitment to “organized religion” may be in flux these days, but in my conversations with folks of many & varied sorts I have happily found that none-the-less a faith in “God”/a higher-power/something-bigger-than-myself still stirs in most people. And the story is almost always the same.. a story of having someone dear to us in our lives whose faith inspired us to look for more.. be more.. trust in more beyond what seems to be.

Next Sunday is All Saints’ Sunday (following All Saints’ Day on Nov 1). During worship that day we will pause to remember the special people (saints) in our lives who have inspired us & lead us to faith (most especially those who are now are “at rest” in the Kingdom of God). It is a special day of both painful & sweet memories.. of gratitude for lives lived with character.. and of course, for ourselves reconnecting with God as their challenge goads us back. Once more this year we are asking you to call in to the office and share names of people dear to you that you would like us to hold up in prayer that day.

Over these past weeks (as we have been celebrating our 40th anniversary as Bread Of Life) I have been inviting you to take on special challenges as part of that celebrating. This week I invite you to think about/remember/give thanks for the special members of the churches you have been a part of over the years (most especially members of Bread Of Life) who have uniquely touched & challenged & nurtured your sense of God. My bet is that pretty quickly you will find yourself remembering this or that person or family who seemed to you be especially powerful examples of what faith & discipleship are “supposed to” look like.. folks whose quiet trust or active commitment seemed to stir a deeper sense of restlessness in you.

Similar to the challenge of my last article.. as we move into our weekend of celebration, bring those people with you in your heart. Give thanks for the ways they touched & gave shape to your life. And then challenge yourself to be that kind of “saint” to each other (that kind of “light shining in the darkness” that draws others in and gives them hope).

Please join us this weekend for as much of the celebrating as you can – in person or online. (And yes you can still come on Friday even if you didn’t register… we’ll do the loaves & fishes thing and make sure there is enough for all.)

I am looking forward to reconnecting with you all!!

Be well, be safe.. BE HOPE!!!!

- Pastor Stewart

October 27, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church