April 14, 2022

“The Time is Not Yet..”

“The Time is Not Yet..”

It is always difficult to know quite what to write about for my newsletter article for this week each year. Do I write a darker, more “Lenten” piece – remembering that we still have Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to endure?? Such are

both among the hardest days of the church year AND among the most important. Or do I give in to the pressure to skip all that gloomy stuff and jump straight to the celebration part.. the reclaiming of the “ALLELUIA” part.. the Resurrection part??? I mean... after the third “Lentiest Lent” we ever endured (thanks to COVID etc.).. don’t we deserve a bit of a pass on some of the hard stuff??

Well.. I came across this poem that deals with exactly this dilemma. It challenges us to live into and through the whole story. It challenges us to be a part of the whole story. For indeed, it is only when we have experienced the darkness that light becomes the gift it is. It is only in walking through the “valley of death” that our life on the other side becomes as precious and joyful as it is!!

The time is not yet,
but the darkness is gathering.

The time is not yet,
but the main players
are taking their positions.

Dither not,
but come back tomorrow
and wait with the Son of God, for his friends are few
in this world of hatred.

The time is not yet, but our time is now: to be here
and trust a love

that will see this thing through.

but be back,
for Jesus needs his friends.

From “A Story Of Love” by Ruth Burgess

May you each have a full and blessed Holy Week. Take part in as much of the liturgical journey as you can. Dive deep into the story. And then yes.. rise with Christ on Easter morning, to experience all the deep joy it is meant to resurrect in you.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Hope....
- Pastor Stewart, Holy Week 2022

April 14, 2022 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church