This week marks the end of a short chapter in my life – six months as interim pastor at Bread of Life.  Thank you for the privilege and trust.  Thank you for your good will, expressions of support, and prayers. Most Sundays I will be back in the pew with the rest of you, supporting and participating rather than leading.

These past months have been a blessing to me in a number of ways.  In preparing weekly sermons, I have been forced to spend more time in prayer, meditation, bible study, and spiritual reading, challenging me to keep growing and learning. I have been honored to walk with several of our families through tragedy, illness, and death, and have re-learned how the Gospel of Jesus provides the grounding and hope we need to face the dark side of life.  I have seen with fresh eyes what a beautiful opportunity we have for mission and service as people of Bread of Life, and in partnership as the Living Spirit Centre.

 These past months have renewed my respect for the awesome responsibility of the office of parish pastor. You never know when the phone will ring and you will be called to the hospital to be with folks who might not know you very well but are trusting you to bring comfort and hope. You wonder if you will have anything to say next Sunday worth listening to. You look within your own heart and conscience and are constantly humbled to be representing Jesus.

 This Sunday Pastor Stewart will be officially installed. He knows the humbling nature of Jesus’ call.  He is committed to walking with folks in the dark moments, and loves to celebrate the goodness of life.  He will be a loving and faithful shepherd and will need our trust, love, and prayers.  We have wonderful challenges and opportunities ahead of us at Bread of Life.  Again, thank you and thanks be to God.

    Pastor Larry