Now I know that by the time you receive this it will almost be the SECOND Sunday of Advent already but.. better late than never.

In my Kids time a couple of weeks ago, I sugge sted to our young people that they think about starting a “Reverse Advent Calendar/Box”.  Instead of only the usual kind of Advent marking of time (calendars with Chocolates or Lego pieces or…) that they also set up a box by the tree and everyday take something from the cupboard and set it aside for the “Food Bank”.  (It can be even cooler if you take your young people shopping with you and get them to spend a bit of their own allowance on a few things.)  It is a reminder that Advent is not just about US and getting but also a time to think about “them” and giving.  THIS DOES, OF COURSE, WORK FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!!

Initially, I suggested you each take your boxes to the food bank yourself (& you still can) but in the interest of ease.. I am now suggesting that starting on Dec 31 you can bring them to the narthex at the church and we will make sure they get to the Food Bank in bulk!!!

Give it a try!!!!!!!!!! (There is always room for a new “tradition”!!!)

 Pastor Stewart