HE’S BACKKKK!!!!!!?????

HE’S BACKKKK!!!!!!?????

Indeed as of Wednesday morning staff meeting I am now back at it.. give or take a pretty tough case of jet lag.  And oh my yes… it is back into the deep end with all kinds of stuff begging for attention (mine and yours) as the new Fall schedule of stuff is fast upon us.

To begin.. let me say thank you for the holidays that once more allowed me to immerse myself in the unique and profound experience that is the Camino.  It was again a very powerful time of personal growth, physical challenge and spiritual journey.  To all who read through my blog as I walked.. thank you for the attention.  And to all those who prayed for me as I met the Camino adventure… I could not have done it without your support. To all who welcome me home.. it is good to be back. 

As we now turn the calendar to September (back to school, back to busy-ness, etc.) let me remind you of a few important “pastor things” that are coming soon. 

I will be meeting with potential/returning confirmation parents and students on Sept 15th right after worship to make plans for our coming classes.  I really need as many of you try to make it to this meeting as possible in that pinning down the time/day that works for you (as many as possible) takes input and collaboration by everyone.  We try very hard to make the schedule fit your lives.

Likewise, the next week we get started with our Sunday school. And a church POTLUCK!!!  The Potluck is an important part of the goal we have of making better connections among the Bread of Life folks and building a stronger community.  The Sunday school kick off is the first of what will be a series of monthly “events” that we hope folks will mark on their calendars as priority Sunday for our kids.

In the days ahead watch for info on a possible Fall Pastor’s Study group (if you have a topic you would like us to take on let me know).  Also watch for new initiatives involving our Regina Lutheran Refugee committee, a couple of important opportunities to support our Indigenous Christian Fellowship friends, and a variety of learning/worship events that are still at the seedling stage.

The gist of all this is that as you are making your plans for fall and winter 2019/20, and as all those voices out there cry out for your time and commitment… don’t forget to save a bit of time and energy for taking care of your spiritual life as well.  For in ways that are every bit as critical to our well-being as are all those “other things” we find ourselves committed to and tangled up in, how we feed and nurture our spirits IS a huge part of what makes us healthy people – inside and out.  Take a minute before everything else overwhelms you to think about what sorts of things might be important for you to take time and energy for as you nurture  that part of you too.  It will be worth it.

-          Back at it and ready to get back at it… Pastor Stewart – Sept 5/19

September 6, 2019 | Bread of Life Lutheran Church