I think it is Woody Allen who usually gets credit with the idea that 80% of life is just showing up.  It seems true in so many ways. Consistency is what we appreciate most in a co-worker.  When facing challenges or problems the best thing we can do, sometimes the only thing, is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  When we are a little lonely, how great it is when friends just show up.

We might apply the same principle to spiritual or religious life.  I have written before that a professor at seminary taught us nervous theology students that our sermons may only hit the mark occasionally, but when it comes to holy communion, really, all you need to do as pastor is show up – God’s grace does the rest. Over our 30 years at Bread of Life, my wife Gail and I have made many spiritual friends, and lots of people have come and gone. But, every Sunday I am thankful for the people who just show up.  Our prayer, our singing, our sharing of the peace, our fellowship is better just from people showing up.

I love Paul’s image of the church as “the body of Christ”, where he says each person is important to the church in the same way as any part of the human body is important for the health of the whole person.  Science teaches us how even the smallest genetic characteristic is vital to our health!

As we enter September it's a good time to re-consider our habits, where and when we routinely plan to show up.  We are calling September 10th “Back to Church Sunday” in the hope that it will remind our folks that our Sunday morning services are where we support, encourage, are nourished, and grow simply by being together.  Sunday school will begin.  The coffee pot will be on. Pastor Larry’s bucket will return for our kids. We may even continue our summer practice of ice cream after church for one more Sunday -- show up September 10th to find out!


Pastor Larry