Outside.. it gets colder by the day.  Inside (as in.. in our churches & in our hearts).. we take time to gather.. to warm each other with community & to be embraced by the promise of God’s love.  Outside.. it gets darker by the day.  Inside.. we gather in candle light.. to hear once more about the promise of a light that is about to come.. to share our longing for the “dawn from on high, about to break upon us.”  Outside.. the chaos stirs (& is stirred) by political expediency, personal selfishness and plain old human sin.. making it harder, & harder, & harder to hold on to any sense of peace or possibility as we struggle to make our way through.  But inside.. we hear the ancient words once more holding out visions of “lions laying down with lambs” & God’s Kingdom/Reign coming to heal and bring true rooted hope!!!

                Such is the season of Advent.. the insidious season for God’s people gathering to spit in the eye of evil” (cold, dark, and impenetrable as it is) with faith and hope of God’s promises about to be fulfilled.. God’s love about to come.  It is a hope seeded in the world by the one who came to us (in the child of Bethlehem).. who comes (in the grace notes of God’s presence in the daily world).. and who is to come.. to bring final healing and fulfilment to all. 

                I encourage you to take time this month, to centre yourself again in the promises.. to remind yourself of who you are & WHOSE you are.. and to focus again on the incredible promise held out to us all.