Over the coming weeks, if you happen to catch me before worship time & before I’m all “robed up”, you may notice that every single time I am leading a service I will be wearing exactly the same cross with my pastor shirt.  It is a Celtic that originally belonged to Pastor Wayne Berg.  Pr. Wayne was (as some of you may know) the senior Pastor at Trinity Estevan the 1st time I served there but rather tragically died during a heart surgery just a bit over four yrs after I arrived.

            During the time Wayne and I worked together we became very close.  Though not so much “buddies” in that sense of “friends”, Wayne became a very important partner to and mentor for me in ministry AND in life.  I would, in fact, with great gratitude, say I learned almost as much about the heart of being a pastor & a person of faith from Wayne as I did in my seminary and university educations.  Wayne’s footsteps as a dedicated & faithful servant of God & God’s people are both a path for me and challenge to me.  And so it is.. he is and always will be one of the “Saints” I remember and for whom I give thanks every year at our All Saints Day worship.

While occasionally “a saint” is someone who has been able to lead a kind of an exceptional life or a kind ofespecially holy life, that is not the whole of the definition.  A saint is rather, any Christian – ANY and EVERY child of God - made holy by the grace of God.  Hence we are .. ALL SAINTS! 

That said, there are, for each of us, special people who have showed us something unique and important about living the faith and trusting in God.  On All Saint’s Sunday we strive to remember the special gift those people have been for our lives.. the special way they have touched us and encouraged us in our walk of faith.  Here again though, it is important to remember that giving thanks is more than just giving them & God lip service.  The true and best way to show the world how valuable these “saints” are to us is, of course, for us too to follow where they have lead the way – as best we can.  And to ourselves live in to the challenge and hope they held out to us. 

And so I wonder out loud… Who will you light a candle for this Sunday?  Who are the special people who have showed you what it means to be a person of faith?  And how do you show/tell the world how thank-full you are for them?

Blessed All Saints Day to you..!

Pastor Stewart